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community banks in kansas city

What to Look for in Community Banks in Kansas City

Banking / May 19, 2022

When looking for a true local bank for your personal and business financial needs, you’ll need to identify the best qualities for community banks in Kansas City.  We all do business in a community—but is it really interested in being part of that community?

At Cornerstone Bank, we live here.  We’re your neighbors, shopping local, working local, sharing patio parties and driveway fire pits, landscape days and game nights.  Together we attend school recitals, soccer games, street parties and more. Your community is our community, at Cornerstone Bank.

That’s why, as a community bank in the Kansas City area, we take pride in watching our customers thrive—no matter who you are. Since 2001, we have been a primary resource for our community. We always put our customers first, and that means giving you the best banking has to offer. 

We go above and beyond to help you make your money work for you. Especially when it comes to making the community you live in better. Because that’s where we live, too.

What makes communities in Kansas City thrive 

Community.  It’s people living near each other.  More than that, it’s those people sharing interests or goals. Cornerstone Bank knows it’s all that and much more.

Community is our social backbone. It runs through family, through friends, through neighbors and neighborhood businesses.  It’s that sense of “we”, thriving, supporting, and nurturing our shared goal: to live our best life.  

The best communities make you feel connected.  At Cornerstone Bank, we connect with our community starting here in Overland Park, and extending across the Kansas City metro and beyond. These community values are nurtured at Cornerstone everyday. 

We treat you like family, share your concerns for your future, and have the flexibility to address your specific banking needs in ways large corporate banks can’t (or won’t).

Communities share purpose. 

Better schools, improved infrastructure, a place where kids can grow up and folks can grow old —all of us do it together. A smile and a wave on a sidewalk, watching the world go by from a cafe patio, drinks and laughs with friends after the game, it’s all here.  And it’s why Cornerstone Bank is here, helping our neighbors look forward to tomorrow by fulfilling needs today.

The focus of community banks? You

Community banks in Kansas City must first and foremost focus on you.  You could be

The list goes on.  You have your own specific set of banking needs, based on your life at this moment, and your hopes and plans for the future. With that in mind, what makes a community bank different from any other bank?  Our relationship with you.

Whether it’s for your personal life, or for your small business, Cornerstone Bank takes the time, and the effort, to get to know you. We’re not just banking on your money, we’re investing in you, our neighbor, often our friend. 

We don’t have to do the “one size fits all” banking the corporate banks offer. We can truly specialize for your situation, because as a community bank we have better flexibility. The nimble nature of being locally owned and operated gives us strength and courage beyond the spread sheet. We see you, we know you, and we believe in you.

See what Cornerstone Bank can do for you

How community banks are different

The big difference is the personal attention of our customer service.

  • We don’t grow unless you do too. Your future is our future, because we both live, work, and thrive here.
  • You matter more here. We can make decisions not only based on your numbers, but on integrity. Our integrity demands nothing less.
  • Our decisions are made locally. Because we’re locally owned and locally run, we think in the community spirit.
  • You’ll frequently get better rates and lower fees at a community bank. That’s part of the flexibility we can utilize. Cornerstone Bank is in business for you, and with you.
  • Personal attention you don’t get elsewhere. When you open an account with us at Cornerstone Bank, be sure to pick up your community banking associate’s business card or ask for their cell phone number. We know life doesn’t always happen during business hours.

Services community banks in Kansas City should offer

When it comes to the capabilities you should expect from a local bank vs a national bank,  there isn’t that much of a difference. At least, not at a good local bank (Yes, we’re a little proud of all the services Cornerstone Bank offers!). 

We’re your resource—for resources

So when you’re narrowing down which of the community banks in Kansas City you’ll choose, look for these qualities: 

  1. Personalized service.  It’s all about you.  No, seriously, it is.  You’ve got to be more than a number, or that bank won’t give you the service you need and deserve. 
  2. Convenience. A local bank must be close by, or have easy access to online or mobile banking tools. We need to be there for you, where you are.
  3. Operational capabilities. Old school values must meet new-school tech. At Cornerstone Bank, we provide you with the most advanced online banking options possible.
  4. ATM usage. If you use our ATM location, of course- there’s no fee! As for other ATM’s across the Kansas City Metro, we provide up to $15 a statement cycle in refunds for fees from ATM withdrawals.

How to choose your small business account  

Business is personal for all of us

As a community bank, Cornerstone makes the business of our community our business too. Your small business should be able to rely on your community bank for choices that suit your business, and help your community thrive.

Business Checking  

As your business evolves, you need a business checking account to fit your activity level. Cornerstone Bank is right there with you, supporting your goals with a variety of business checking account options for every size and type of business.

Business Loans  

Capital loans. Real estate. Investments. A business loan can help advance your business.  A good community bank like Cornerstone helps you understand your choices, short-and long term, and then helps you achieve those goals. Business or commercial loans, we’re here to help you.

Money Markets/Savings Accounts 

A community bank should offer you choices on how to save your money, and how that account can grow the money you’re saving.

It should also offer your small business other amenities too, including:

  • Mobile deposit
  • Automatic electronic transfers
  • Quick turnaround on loan requests and closures
  • And more. 

Cornerstone makes life easier for small business owners before the open sign is clicked on, and after the doors close for the day.  We’re in business for you, and with you.

We work with large businesses too!

Just because we handle small business accounts with a personal touch, that doesn’t mean we can’t take on large business needs also. These “commercial accounts” get the same financial services as big banks offer. However, because of how we conduct ourselves, we are often more readily available and eager to go the extra mile for our commercial clients. 

Large companies appreciate what we do for the same reasons our neighbors trust us with their personal accounts. A good community bank knows your needs aren’t just during “banker’s hours.”  That’s why you can reach your Cornerstone team member 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help your commercial business continue moving forward. 

Your family is part of our family

From the time a child goes from a piggy bank to their first savings account, and all the way to money markets and retirement, Cornerstone Bank is one of the best community banks in Kansas City.  We help our community achieve financial independence and peace of mind.

We’ve been working in the metro area for over two decades. Words can’t express how much we’ve enjoyed watching many of our customers grow up. At Cornerstone, we’re honored to be a part of the family, helping young and old alike with personal savings accounts, checking accounts, loans, CD’s, and more.  

Your goals are our goals, and we’re always just a phone call away. Let’s get you ready for college, for life, for retirement, for financial security. Visit with your financial advisor and we’ll be happy to assist you with the plan you create.

Our favorite reasons to love our community!

Cornerstone Bank is your community bank

Above anything else, our customers are our first priority. All of us at Cornerstone want to make a positive impact every day in our community. This is the foundation of Cornerstone Bank, and we exist to positively affect our community.

We set out every day with the goal of delivering results for our customers, personal and business, one person to hundreds, with an attitude of partnership and collaboration. You’re never alone in your banking concerns, and we are there for our customers every step of the way.

For community banks in Kansas City, we know you have choices. After meeting with Cornerstone Bank and understanding our qualities, we hope you’ll choose us for your personal and business banking needs. 

We offer online tools to help you determine the accounts and loans that would best suit your needs. Or if you prefer, visit our Overland Park office, give us a call at 913-239-8100, or send us a message to let us know how we can help.