Personal Checking in Kansas City

Personal Checking

Some services in life only require a quick transaction—buying gas, purchasing groceries, getting directions.

But when it comes to money, you need a relationship with your bank. It might be odd to think of banking as a “relationship,” but consider how you relate with your money. Groceries, mortgage payments, vacations, future plans—all of these depend on how you connect with your money. 

Welcome to Relationship Banking

Knowing You and Your Money

As a relationship bank, we work hard every day to connect with you on that personal level. We want to know your goals, and frequently—through our concierge-style customer service— we’ll even come to know details about your personal life. When you come in, we’ll know your name on sight. We might ask about the fishing trip, book club, golf game—or even how your grandkid’s recital went. 

Cornerstone Bank can also analyze your financial needs with you according to your lifestyle. We like to be proactive about offering advice and banking functions that can help you reach your goals or solve an issue. You see, that kind of superior customer service and personal relationship makes a win-win. Helping you forge your long-term goals, and seeing you succeed, can make you a life-time Cornerstone Bank customer.

A Relationship 20 Years Strong and Going

Cornerstone Bank has provided personal banking in Kansas City for over 20 years. Every customer is our most valuable customer, because you make it possible for us to work as a respected neighbor, and to grow as a locally owned and operated banking institution.

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There are benefits to growing together with Cornerstone Bank.


We’re connected to service providers and customers who might be beneficial to your business.


You can talk more openly with us about the financial concerns you face.


We base our reputation on the trust you invest in us.


We care about who you are and how you relate to your money. This helps us help you use new banking services and products.


We take pride in going above and beyond for our customers. We serve you in every way possible.

We’re not the typical bank on every corner.
We’re your Cornerstone Bank.

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Do you offer any checking accounts without a monthly service charge?

Yes, at Cornerstone Bank we offer checking accounts that don’t incur monthly fees. One is  Personal Checking, which doesn’t have a monthly service charge, and requires no minimum daily balance after the $100 opening deposit. Or you might want the Now Account, which earns interest but can have limits on the minimum daily balance and on the number of transactions. Also, if you want paper statements sent instead of electronic, that will accrue a monthly surcharge. 

Contact us to explain your options. We’ll find the right checking account for your needs.

What is “relationship banking?”

Relationship banking provides all of the services a regular bank does, but with a focus on making sure you feel valued. Relationship banking gets to know you and your financial situation, so that creative solutions can be offered to solve your problems and achieve your goals.

Can I access my personal checking account online?

Cornerstone Bank is proud to provide online banking access that’s safe, secure, and available 24/7. We also have an app you can use for mobile banking. Check your balances, make payments, make deposits with a photo, and more.

If I have a personal account, can I also have a business account?

Cornerstone Bank is happy to support your personal checking needs and your business checking needs all under one roof! As a business owner, you need one bank for a wide range of services, and you want to do it on your own schedule. 

Cornerstone Bank offers complete banking services – from interest-bearing checking accounts to seamless commercial loans. Our business is literally your business!

How do I order checks?

We send all our customers to Deluxe for their checks. It’s the fastest, easiest, and most dependable way for you to get your checks. It also allows you to choose from a huge variety of styles, all in your own privacy.

Do I have to open a personal checking account in person?

We would love to see you in person and help you through the process! But in today’s day and age, if you would prefer to do it online, at your convenience—that’s fine too. Navigate to the “Open Account” button at the top of this page, and let’s get you started on a relationship with a community bank that cares—Cornerstone Bank!