Personal Savings in Kansas City

Personal Savings

Life happens. Be ready.

From “Old Faithful”—the trusty family van and soccer team hauler—going kaput, to surprise medical bills, sudden opportunities that require funding and more, life can pitch some pretty mean (or meaningful) curve balls your way.

Be ready to swing for the fences with a personal savings account. Not only can it earn interest and grow your money all on its own, a Cornerstone Bank personal savings account in Kansas City can earn you some breathing room when fiscal surprises come your way.

The Cornerstones of Our Savings

Proudly Stewarding Our Neighbors' Savings

Over 20 years of service

As your community bank you can depend on, our team is here for you in all your personal banking needs.

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We Set Out to Be a Better Option

We Live Here and Have a Passion for Our Community & Its Growth

Our President, John Doull, started Cornerstone Bank to provide banking services with a personal touch. A passion for our community drives us.

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Helping You Grow Your Savings

With higher interest rates

Our competitive interest rates provide our customers with the ability to increase their savings by compounding interest.

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Always Available for Our Customers

Life isn't just Monday-Friday; that's why we're always available whenever you need us

When you bank with us, you'll have your banker's personal cell phone number so you can reach them when needed, that's the Cornerstone commitment.

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You're More Than Just an Account number

We know you & your family

We always put our customers first. That’s the benefit of trusting your personal savings with a local bank in Overland Park–we are part of the community and succeed when our neighbors succeed.

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Savings Accounts Support Your Goals


Pay yourself to practice fiscal discipline


Helps avoid loan payments


Provides a port during economical storms


Gives you a place to save for short- and long-term goals


Out-of-sight/Out-of-mind assistance growing funds

Safe Storage for What You Save

A personal savings account at Cornerstone Bank also works as one of the safest places to store your liquid assets.We’re an FDIC insured establishment, with $250,000 of insurance per depositor for each account ownership category. 

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We’re not the typical bank on every corner.
We’re your Cornerstone Bank.

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Savings FAQs

What kind of personal savings accounts do you offer?

Cornerstone Bank offers 3 different types of personal savings accounts in Kansas City: 

  • Personal Savings
  • Certificates of Deposit (CDs)
  • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

Each type of savings account has a different goal, function, and set of requirements. Be sure to ask your Cornerstone Bank representative about how you can start building your nest egg for when you want to fly!

Is my money locked up in a savings account?

No, a Personal Savings account keeps your assets very liquid. You can’t write checks on a personal savings account, but you can transfer money easily, in person or online, to your checking account, or withdraw cash in person at the bank or ATM. You can make up to 10 transactions a month on your personal savings account; transactions over 10 will incur a $.50 fee per transaction.

CDs do have terms ranging from 30 days to 60 months, and IRAs start at 6 months. Both CDs and IRAs usually pay better interest rates than a Personal Savings account. If you withdraw money from these accounts before the end of the term, there can be an early withdrawal penalty, which typically equals six months of interest. Contact us, and we’ll be glad to explain the advantages and expectations of each account.

What’s the minimum opening deposit on a savings account?

For your Cornerstone Bank Personal Savings account, you’ll need a minimum opening deposit of $100. For a CD or IRA, the minimum opening deposit is $1,000.

Since I’ll be earning interest, how is it paid?

Interest on your Personal Savings account and your CD accrues daily and is paid into your account every quarter. For your IRA, the interest accrues daily but then compounds quarterly (this account’s terms range from 6 months to 60 months).

Can my child have a savings account?

Of course they can! Cornerstone Bank helps young people learn (and earn!) money. We make it easy, and fun, for you and your kids to discover how banks work, how we handle their savings, and we can even start those higher-interest accounts early and let them grow along with your kids. By opening a child’s bank account, you’re setting them up for a positive learning experience that can only come from owning their own account and saving their own money.

Will my personal savings account be able to help if I have an accidental overdraft?

Cornerstone Bank can absolutely help with our Sweep function. If your checking account needs funds, the Sweep function will automatically sweep funds from your savings account into your checking account.  CDs and IRAs are not available for this, but your personal savings account can certainly be utilized, as long as you own both the checking and savings accounts. Ask for more details about the Sweep function as you set up your account(s).

Can I use direct deposit for my savings account?

You can use your employer’s direct deposit program to add your custom percentage/amount of earnings to your personal savings account. This is a very smart way to make the account grow, because it happens “out of sight,” automatically. You don’t feel the impact on your monthly spending because the money landed in your savings account without appearing in your checking account. You can base your spending on your checking account deposits only.

Does my savings account require a minimum daily balance?

Requiring a minimum daily balance depends on which savings account you choose. The Personal Savings account doesn’t have a minimum daily balance requirement. A CD or IRA requires a minimum deposit of $1000, with a term from 30 days to 60 months. An early withdrawal penalty applies. 

Can I set up automatic bill pay from my savings account?

We’re sorry, but no—automatic bill pay must be set up for a checking account, and isn’t applicable to a savings account.