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Testimonial: Michelle Lutz

Hear from a professional realtor

Michelle Lutz is a valued member of the Cornerstone Bank community. As a commercial realtor, we have worked with Michelle for years to help her and her clients achieve their longterm financial goals.

Hear input from Michelle regarding her time working with our team.

Testimonial: Mike Simmons

Hear from a Business Owner

Hear from Mike Simmons, local business owner and proprietor of Express Scale Parts, weighs in on Cornerstone Bank’s customer service and how it has helped his business truly grow.

Watch now to hear from an actual Cornerstone Bank customer.

Testimonial: Joe & Adrianne Vazquez

Hear from business owners in the construction industry

Joe & Adrianne are business owners who highly value convenience and technology in their banking experience. We are happy to be their go-to local bank in Overland Park.

Listen to their feedback now.

Testimonial: Dr. Leslie Michaud

Hear from the owner of a medical practice

Dr. Michaud is a stem cell doctor in Kansas City. In this testimonial, she discusses her unique needs as both a business owner and the operator of a medical practice, and how our local bank in Overland Park was able to assist her in growing her business and serving her clients.

Hear more from Dr. Michaud regarding her banking needs for her local medical practice.

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