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internet banking in kansas city

How Internet Banking in Kansas City Helps During Tax Season

Banking / December 4, 2022

Every January people make resolutions for a better year. Here at Cornerstone Bank, we would like to humbly suggest an extra resolution that could resolve a number of issues come April 15th: harness the power of internet banking in Kansas City!

Accessing your bank accounts online gives you the flexibility to make deposits, payments, and transfers wherever you are, whenever you need to.

Contact us with questions about internet banking, and read about how internet access provides you key documents for the dreaded taxman.

The State of Your Statements

When you have bank accounts online at Cornerstone Bank, you have the opportunity to download your statements. 

We recommend doing it every month. However, in January, you can download the previous year’s statements as a single file. Either way, you can have your account statements available digitally come tax time. 

If you decide to do a yearly download, just don’t forget to do it in January! Our online access to account statements goes back 12 months. If you forget, just stop by in person and we can make sure you have your statements.

The Statement File

When doing your internet banking in Kansas City at Cornerstone Bank, you can download your statements online as CSV files. These are “Comma Separated Value” files, which Excel or Google Sheets (and other spreadsheet/accounting software programs) open and sort into columns.

You can also open CSV files with text editor programs, but we will say Excel or Google Sheets makes them much prettier and easier to navigate! 

Whether you do your own taxes or hand them off to an accountant, it’s easy, and convenient to manage your accounts and have this info in hand as you collect all your other necessary tax data.

Cornerstone Bank Is Just Around the Corner

As your community bank located in Overland Park, we proudly serve the entire Kansas City metro area. Personal banking, business banking—we’re big enough to empower your goals, but small enough to give you true personal attention along the way. 

Stop by our physical location, or take us with you wherever you go via internet banking in Kansas City. Either way, come tax time or anytime you need us, we’re there. 

We’re not the typical bank on every corner. We’re your Cornerstone Bank.

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