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small business bank account in Overland Park

How to Choose a Small Business Bank Account in Overland Park

Banking / May 26, 2022

Your small business bank account in Overland Park matters because you work here and live here. From little league baseball games to cheering at the ‘K, from art fairs downtown to scenic drives out-of-town, you’re part of the heart that beats in the community.

You’re a small business owner. How do you choose a small business bank account in the OP? You talk to your community bank, because your bank should be able to understand the dynamics of small business. They exist to help you thrive in the community. And that’s exactly what we do at Cornerstone Bank.

What makes a community bank the right bank for you?

We get it from the ground up. Actually, from the basement up.

John K. Doull, president and CEO of Cornerstone Bank, built our business from the basement up. Literally. John started a dream of becoming a small business owner in the basement of his home. He’s spent 35 years in the banking industry, helping to start Cornerstone Bank in 2001. John feels blessed to do what he does every day—help small business owners live their dreams too.  Your small business bank account in Overland Park is big business to him.

Stop by Cornerstone Bank. Ask for John. He loves to help start relationships that thrive in the community, and for the community.

How to choose your small business account

Cornerstone Bank is your business partner and entrepreneurial cheerleader. And because we’re a community bank, we can be more flexible regarding your small bsiness bank account in Overland Park, and your business loans. We consider not only the numbers, but the people involved.  And we’re banking on you, too. So if you’re looking to buy real estate, expand your current business, start a new one, we can talk your plans through and find choices that work. 

Our business checking evolves along with your business, matching your activity level. Cornerstone Bank is right there with you, supporting your goals with a variety of business checking account options for every size and type of business.

It’s this kind of service that makes us excel beyond the corporate banks. You could open an account anywhere, but the level of service your banker can and will provide may vary drastically. Small busines owners need a bank that understands their needs and goes the extra mile to ensure we care for them.

Our top 5 reasons we love Overland Park!

For example, at Cornerstone Bank we know life happens outside of the normal 9-5, Monday-Friday. That’s why we put our personal cell phone number on our business cards, so you can reach us when it matters most. We’re there with our customers, proving every day you are more than just a number. You’re a person with a business we want to see succeed!

More resources we offer:

What small businesses do for the community

There’s more to why we want to help with your small business bank account in Overland Park. Small businesses like yours do so much for the community. You keep tax dollars close to home. The taxes small businesses collect stay in the community helping to improve schools, green spaces, health care, and more. 

Entrepreneurs like you frequently work with other small businesses too. As owners, you show more appreciation for what a local small business does. And small businesses give back to the community. They give to charity, they give to organizations, they buy those cookies! Small businesses show big heart, with almost half giving up to 1000 dollars each, often in cash.

When community members go out shopping locally, it’s the small businesses that make the experience more colorful and interesting. Small businesses have to innovate and be creative about what they offer to compete with those big boxes down the road. And they reflect a community’s values, and the fabric that brings them together. 

For your business accounts, count on Cornerstone Bank.

We set out every day with the goal of delivering results for our customers, personal and business, one person to hundreds, with an attitude of partnership and collaboration. Serving the Kansas City metro and the country as a whole since 2001.

We offer online tools to help you determine the accounts and loans that would best suit your needs. Or if you prefer, visit our Overland Park office, give us a call at 913-239-8100, or send us a message to let us know how we can help.