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manage your money online

How to Manage Your Money Online | Cornerstone Bank

Banking / December 9, 2022

This thing called the internet is amazing—and it can do so much more than reserve B&B’s, schedule Amazon deliveries, and find the latest cat videos.

Best of all, you can manage your money online at Cornerstone Bank! Transfers, deposits, payments—do it all at your fingertips and at your convenience. We would be happy to talk more about how it works. Just contact us, and enjoy this blog about how to manage your assets the easy way.

How to Open a Bank Account Online

Getting online access to your accounts, along with making new ones, is simple. 

Apply online.

Have some personal identification available before you log on, such as your social security number and your valid ID (a driver’s license or other government issued ID). You’ll also need to fund the account, so have your account and routing numbers ready, or write a check to yourself for the amount you want to deposit. 

With that in hand, visit our website and click “open account,”.

Choose Accounts

We’ll need to know account types you want (savings, checking, etc), and how much you want to deposit in each. 

Final Details

We’ll have a few more details to fill in depending on the account type, plus you may need to take a picture of the check you’re depositing and upload it via this process. 

We’ll Do the Rest

Once you submit the application, our Cornerstone Bank team reviews it and contacts you if any further information is needed. Finally, we’ll send you a confirmation email and you can start to manage your money online.

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The Cornerstone Bank Mobile App

Cornerstone Bank’s mobile app makes it even easier to manage your money online. Download the app to your smartphone or tablet, and then stay on top of your finances 24/7, from wherever you are. 

You can accomplish so much of your banking with online or app access: 

  • Deposit checks
  • Transfer funds
  • Open accounts
  • Check account balances
  • And more.

Banker’s hours just became your hours, when you manage your money online.

Always the Best Service, In-Person or Online

If you still have questions about how online or mobile banking works, don’t hesitate to contact us or stop by the bank. We’ll gladly talk and walk you through what it does, so that you can make the best decisions for your banking needs. 

We’re not the typical bank on every corner. We’re your Cornerstone Bank.