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what is mobile banking

What Is Mobile Banking in Kansas City? | Where Traditional & Modern Meet

Banking / August 26, 2022

The old phrase “banker’s hours” refers to a time when banks opened at 10AM, closed at 3PM, and never worked nights or weekends.

That time, thankfully, is long past. With investments in staffing, most modern banking institutions provide in-person access for increased hours. Investments in technology also provide 24-7 access via mobile and online banking.

Here’s how the traditional meets modern for you, at Cornerstone Bank.

Traditional banking: service with a smile

At Cornerstone Bank, we practice relationship banking. That means we get to know the customer’s goals, and frequently—through customer service—the details of their personal life. 

We’ll learn their first name and greet them with it when they walk in. We take interest in their personal life, and might ask how the fishing was on their trip, or how the kid’s football game went. We believe in a person-first approach to our customers.

Relationship bankers also analyze a customer’s needs and will often be proactive about offering advice and banking functions that can help the customer reach their goals or solve an issue. By having a relationship between the customer and the bank, the bank can work as a primary, reliable source for financial services and guidance. 

We take that job seriously, and work diligently to be the customer’s best banking ally every day.

How paper checks work in today’s world

​Not all personal checking accounts are alike. Cornerstone Bank has a variety of checking account options which we will gladly walk you through. You’ll be able to choose the one that truly fits your lifestyle and spending needs.

Once a check has been paid out from your checking account, you can easily re-find the check image through your online account access. Just click your accounts tab, then under “transactions” click on the check number you want to view.

Mobile banking: service without a clock

Sometimes banking needs to happen after hours. Or on a Sunday. Or from a vacation destination. Wherever a customer is, and whenever they need it, mobile banking in Kansas City is what keeps Cornerstone Bank customers in contact with their money.

Just a few things you can do with mobile banking or online banking:

  • Deposit checks
  • Transfer funds
  • Open accounts
  • Check account balances
  • And more.

A customer might be accustomed to going to the bank to do their financial transactions. However, with Cornerstone Bank’s digital abilities, that same customer can now do much of their banking from their kitchen table.

Don’t get us wrong—we would love to say hello in person. But for personal ease and especially after hours, mobile and online banking put your accounts at your fingertips. 

Is mobile and online banking safe?

Cornerstone Bank invests in digital security measures to ensure your mobile banking remains safe and practical to use. 

Our mobile banking is done through our app, with facial recognition software built in to protect your account. For online banking, we use a 128-bit secure server by VeriSign encrypted with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol and a router loaded with a firewall. This high level of technology keeps your online banking secure, at Cornerstone Bank.

What is mobile banking in Kansas City? It’s easy at Cornerstone Bank.

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, or stop by the bank. We’ll gladly talk and walk you through mobile banking, so that you have choices to suit your access needs. Traditional banking meets modern banking—but always with service first, at Cornerstone Bank.