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open a bank account online

Better Banking in the New Year: Open a Bank Account Online at Cornerstone Bank

Banking / December 1, 2022

You’d be surprised what you can do with an online bank account. Deposit checks? Yes. Make payments? You bet. Create multiple accounts? Sure thing!

Contact us with any questions, or drop by our brick & mortar for in-person, one-on-one help.

Plus, you can use strategies to save up for goals, prepare for emergencies, and handle your money like a fiscal champ. Open a bank account online at Cornerstone Bank, and read on for strategies to make online banking work harder for you.

How to Open a Bank Account Online

At Cornerstone Bank, we believe in old-fashioned customer service. That’s part of what makes us a community bank—”relationship banking.” We get to know you, and we’ll probably greet you by name when you come in. We’re always happy to help with any of your banking questions or needs. 

But we also firmly believe in 21st century technology that helps our customers do what they need to get done. That could mean transferring money at home at 2 A.M. in your pajamas or depositing a check on a Sunday afternoon. Online banking allows you this kind of convenience, and this kind of control over your money.

If you don’t have online access to your account already, it’s really, really easy. Just 4 simple steps, and you’re ready to click your accounts!

Step 1: Visit our website.

Our secure online platform is designed to be easy to use, no matter how tech savvy you are. For personal identification, have your social security number and your valid ID (a driver’s license or other government issued ID).  

You’ll also need to fund the account (make a deposit to create it), so have the account and routing numbers of the old account from which you’re making the deposit, or write out a check from it to yourself, and have it ready. 

Step 2: Answer a few questions.

We’ll need to know what type of account you’re trying to set up, how much you want to deposit, etc. 

Step 3: Add some personal information & submit the application.

At Cornerstone Bank, you can open a bank account online with only a few simple pieces of information, in only a few minutes. No flipping through folders and sheaves of paperwork. Just a little bit of typing and maybe a picture (of the check you’re depositing), and you’re almost there!

Step 4: A quick manual review.

Once your application is submitted with the necessary info, our Cornerstone Bank team will review it and contact you if we need any further information. If it all looks good, you’re good to go! We’ll send you a confirmation email to let you know you can start banking online.

Open a Bank Account Online for Choices

As you prepare to make this year your best year for managing your bank assets, online access makes it so easy to create accounts & put them to work for you.

For example, you can create different savings accounts, with different names, to save money for specific purposes.

Let’s say you want to plan for:

  • A more extravagant Christmas
  • Summer vacation
  • A car for your soon-to-be 16-year old
  • Safety for unforeseen circumstances

You can open a bank account online for each of these choices. And then, name the accounts accordingly: “Christmas”, “Summer Vacay,” “Car Fund”, and maybe “Peace of Mind.” 

Then, you can set up direct deposit amounts into each account that work within your monthly budget. You won’t have to worry about transferring money into those accounts from your main account. Instead, it’s done whenever your paycheck is deposited for hassle-free growth.

When it comes time to buy those Christmas presents, book that trip, or get that first car for your new driver, you’re ready. Plus, having a cushion account for emergencies is always a good idea. Rainy days happen, and it’s nice when you’ve got an umbrella handy for that time.

Download the App

Cornerstone Bank’s mobile app makes your online banking even easier. 

Download it onto your tablet or smartphone, and then stay up to date with your finances 24/7, from wherever you are. 

This comes in so handy when making larger purchases on location, and you want to check to make sure it’s the right time to do it. 

Or you’re on vacation and need to move some money from one account into another for access.

Or maybe you accidentally forgot a payment was coming due, and need to move cash into that account asap so that everything keeps going as it should. 

There are many ways to use mobile banking to your advantage. And according to Statistica, 62% of people in the U.S. say mobile banking keeps them aware of their financial situation. It just makes sense for all your cents. 

A New Year has New Needs

When the economy is booming and the Federal Reserve keeps interest rates low, it’s easier to not worry as much about finances. But in years when the economy is uncertain and interest rates are climbing, savvy consumers have a plan for facing the ups and downs that can happen.

At Cornerstone Bank, we have some advice for years when the fiscal road looks to be a bit bumpy.

Suggestion 1: Stay Nimble

Ever heard of what happens when you put all your eggs in one basket? 

Nobody likes a dirt  omelet. We suggest keeping an amount of your money where it can be gotten to easily. Liquid assets are useful in a turbulent economy.

Suggestion 2: Keep Cash Deposits Available

From a simple savings account to a money market account and more, you can stash your cash in easily accessible accounts at Cornerstone Bank. These are also accounts that you can access online, so that if you need to move money from a savings account into a checking account, you can do it from home, or on your smart mobile device wherever you are.

Suggeston 3: Don’t Over-Leverage Yourself

We all need to borrow capital now and again to achieve goals. The problem happens when a person borrows so much that a single thing going wrong could rock their payment schedule and sink their budget boat. 

It’s ok to be boring fiscally when the environment is chaotic. If the year looks like it’s got some upheavals coming, you are perfectly OK to stay conservative fiscally. Keep some cash, keep some equity, keep your wits with your spending and know you’re doing the right thing.

Online Banking for the Tax Season

Did you know that when you open a bank account online at Cornerstone Bank, you can download your yearly statements? In January, you can download the previous year’s statements and that way have them available digitally come tax time. Or download them monthly as you go. It’s your choice, your freedom, all online.

Online access to statements only goes back for 12 months, so be sure to download in January if you haven’t been saving them each month. If you forget- no worries. Just come in to the bank, and we can help you get your statements.

Safer Online Banking

Online is easier for you. Unfortunately, there are cyber criminals who’ll want to pick your pocket via the internet. Fraud is real, and addressing it is no fun for anyone.

Just like being safe while shopping or traveling, there are precautions you can take to keep your assets more secure while accessing them online. Here are a few Cornerstone Bank tips for better online banking. 

The Power of Your Password

Your password is the key to your kingdom. Make sure it can’t be easily duplicated by cyberthieves. 

Creating a strong, unique password makes it harder—or impossible—for criminals to:

  • Easily hack the password
  • Use it to get into your other online accounts (credit cards, Paypal, Venmo, etc.)

As you open a bank account online, try to use a combination of numbers, letters, and special characters.We know this can sometimes be harder to memorize, but it really is better if your password is on the longer side. 

According to Harvard University, you’re even safer if you use a “passphrase” where you create an acronym or a unique phrase with extra punctuation.

For example, an acronym, with symbols added, could be:


Which stands for “I think that the Kansas City area is greater than other cities for 1 reason: we love living here!”

The passphrase could look like:


It’s up to you. Make it hard for criminals to decipher, and easier for you to remember. Just avoid using common words or phrases, and don’t use identifying factors in your password like your birthday or initials. 

Use Security Software

Install security software or antivirus software on your computer to help prevent cyberattacks and malware installs. An unprotected computer leaves you much more vulnerable to these attacks. Cyber criminals can find your personal information and easily log into your bank accounts. And that doesn’t include the mischief they could cause to your personal files.

There are tons of security software options out there, so do your research on what kind of software will work best for your computer, and for your budget. 

Beware of Spam Email

We all hate them: those spam emails that arrive looking like something you should open, even with the appearance of arriving from trusted sources. 

Cyber attackers can pose as businesses you work with and send emails asking for your login information. Respectable banks don’t send emails like that, and Cornerstone Bank will never send you an email asking for your login.

If you get an email that appears to be from us but you’re not sure, don’t hesitate to call us. Let’s verify whether the email is the real deal, or a phishing attack. Keep your internet activity safer by never clicking on strange links, especially if you’re not sure the email is authentic.. 

Flex Your Flexibility Online

Open a bank account online at Cornerstone Bank, and discover a whole new world of better planning, easier banking, and fiscal control. You can open a checking account, savings account, or apply for a credit card! You could even use our loan tool and see if you qualify.

Contact us with questions, then head into the new year—and every year—with confidence and convenience right at your fingertips. We’re not the typical bank on every corner. We’re your Cornerstone Bank.