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Banking Technology

Technology in Banking

Banking / March 21, 2019

Technology has had a hand in just about every business in the US in the 21st century. But how has technology influenced the banking industry?

Some of you may not remember the days of sliding a carbon copier over a debit or credit card on a plastic tray, or even using paper checks at the grocery store, but at Cornerstone Bank, we know we’ve come a long way in the world of technology in banking.

Many are even finding that it’s not only easy but convenient to bank somewhere regardless of whether or not that bank has a branch near them.

At Cornerstone Bank in Kansas City, we use technology each and every day for a variety of purposes, all to help better serve you.

Technology in Banking - laptops

Online & Mobile Banking

Cornerstone Bank offers online & mobile banking so our customers can easily monitor their balances, transfer funds, and make deposits on the go.

Online banking is one of the most popular features of most banks. As of 2018, the American Banking Association reported the following breakdown of online banking use:

  • Online (Laptop or PC) – 42%
  • Mobile (app on smartphone or tablet) – 30%
  • Bank Branches – 18%
  • ATM – 5%
  • Telephone – 2%
  • Mail – 1%

Business Banking

Even in business banking, many small-, medium-, and large-sized businesses find that online banking makes managing their funds and multiple locations a breeze.

Bank in your Office

Bank in your office allows you to make deposits electronically from your office anytime, without having to drive to the bank. You may capture consumer checks, commercial checks, cashier’s checks, and money orders with our secure check-processing system.

By making electronic deposits, transactions are processed in a more timely manner, making your funds available sooner. This can reduce the risk of fraud by allowing returned items to be identified sooner!


Security in in the banking industry has come a long way over the last 10 years. Credit card processors (in person or online) are now much more secure, and there are clearer expectations of who is responsible for a customer’s sensitive data.

At Cornerstone, we adhere to the utmost security standards in data encryption to ensure our customers’ data is safe.

Online banking is safe when secure bank technology is met with alert consumers. See our recommendations for banking while traveling, or while using your online banking in a public space.

More Convenient

Convenience is a key cornerstone of the internet and having your most pressing needs addressed online. Banking is no exception!

Online Banking & Mobile Deposit Tool

Cornerstone Bank’s mobile banking app is quick and easy to set up and gives an added layer of convenience to our customer’s banking! Watch our new video to learn about how it works.

Learn More

Cornerstone Bank has a pulse on a variety of other upcoming technological advances to ensure we are continually providing the most excellent service possible to our customers.

And while some of those changes may be happening behind the scenes, we will keep you up-to-date with all the latest and greatest changes happening within our four walls.