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How to Safely Use Online Banking While Traveling

How to Safely Use Online Banking While Traveling

Technology / March 22, 2019

Are you about to embark on an upcoming trip? Don’t skip on planning ahead for your finances.

Online banking is one of the most popular ways our customers are able to take advantage of technology in banking.

However, not everyone is aware of how to safely use online banking while traveling.

Cornerstone Bank has some tips to keep your data, and your money, safe even in a new place.

How to Safely Use Online Banking While Traveling - plane

Notify your bank of upcoming travels.

Be sure to notify your bank that you will be out of town. This will ensure your account does not get flagged for “suspicious” use while you’re out of town or out of the country.

While this is not necessary for short distances, it never hurts to keep your bank updated on your whereabouts.

Set password protection. Then set it again.

Is your phone or laptop password protected? If your device gets stolen, will that person easily have access to your online banking information?

Consider adding an extra layer of security by beefing up your entry password with additional numbers or special characters. Do not set your browser or device to automatically save this password; instead, trying using a password manager.

If you are logging into an online banking platform using a public computer, such as at your hotel or a library, here are a few quick tips for keeping your online banking data safe:

  • Use an “incognito” or private browsing tab if possible
  • Do not allow the device to remember your username or password
  • Clear the device’s cache and cookies before and after use

You should also consider changing your banking password every 6 months to avoid a security compromise.

Check your wifi.

While free wifi can be enticing, and even sometimes necessary during travel, be sure you read the fine print. Free wifi can sometimes come with stipulations; businesses often times will require at least an email address in order for you to use their wifi. Some hotels will ask for more personal information, such as your check-in-and-out dates, room number, and other personal preferences.

While most of the time these questions are used for marketing purposes, this data is oftentimes not very secure and could be easily compromised.

Similarly, other users of the same wifi network may have malicious intent and may be able to access “shared” information on your device while you are connected.

Unless absolutely necessary, try not to use public wifi at all, or access your online & mobile banking using public wifi.


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Cornerstone Bank in Kansas City is a local community bank that’s trusted among our customers for our honesty & integrity.

Our industry experts are full of knowledge and would love to answer any additional questions you have about the security of your online banking and how to safely use online banking while traveling.

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