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Open a Bank Account Online

How to Open a Bank Account Online

Technology / December 15, 2019


Just one of the many perks of having 24/7 access to the internet is that it allows us to do a lot of our everyday tasks alongside our already busy schedule. So when clients ask us, “can I open a bank account online?”, our answer is yes you can! 

Whether you’re using mobile banking or your desktop computer, setting up a bank account online is easier than ever.

At Cornerstone Bank, we have 18 years worth of knowledge to help you with any of your banking questions. Here are some tips to help you when you’re ready to open a bank account online. 

What to consider before opening a bank account online

Type of bank accounts

Before you do anything, be sure to know what kind of bank account you need. Typically, you can choose between a savings account, checking account, or credit card account (there may be more or less options depending on the bank).

Read more about opening a checking account in Kansas City 

What are the requirements?

Each type of account may have different requirements when it comes time to open a bank account online. For instance, a bank will check your credit for a credit card. And some banks require a minimum deposit for savings or checking accounts. (Cornerstone Bank requires a $100 minimum for opening all accounts. But for personal checking accounts, you won’t have to worry about minimum monthly balances.)

Are there any fees involved?

Make sure you read the fine print before opening a bank account online. Some banks require fees when you open an account, and that includes checking accounts. Fortunately for those wanting to open a bank account online in Kansas City, Cornerstone Bank allows you to start a checking account without any fees. 

View Cornerstone Bank Fees Here

Preparing to open a bank account online

Once you’ve done your research and have decided on the bank account you want to open, you should have all of the necessary items prepared. Although this varies from bank to bank, there will be some personal information you’ll need to share in order to get started. 

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Full legal name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Social security number
  • Driver’s license information (or another form of a government-issued ID)

How Cornerstone Bank can help

We’re always available to assist you with your online banking needs. If you need a break from the internet, you can always visit us in person at our Overland Park office. 


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