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local high interest checking account in Kansas City

All about our local high interest checking account

Personal Banking / November 5, 2018

Picture this: your bank actually paying YOU!

Have you ever wondered if you’re doing “enough” with your money? Every day, people learn and discover new ways to save, invest, and spend their money in a smarter way. If your interest is peaked, and you’re ready to start learning more about how you can improve your savings, taking a look at the basics is an easy place to start.

For instance, let’s talk about your debit card: fun puppy background, shiny silver chip… you know the one. Now, imagine that every time you put more money into that debit account, whether that’s with a direct deposit from your employer every month, or from receiving birthday money, it actually increases your earning potential. Sounds too good to be true, right?


💡 Don’t have a debit card? Check out our banking services now to get signed up.


Many people in the Kansas City community aren’t aware of the money they could be making on their existing funds by using a high interest checking account.

While high interest checking accounts have been around awhile, they’ve only picked up speed in recent years as interest rates on these types of accounts continue to rise. We’re proud to let our customers know that at Cornerstone Bank, some of our checking accounts feature an interest rate of .5%, which makes it a competitive local high interest checking account rate in Kansas City.


Cornerstone Bank in Kansas City wants you to feel in control of your money and educated on how best to use it, because we built this bank for you.

In this article, we’ll go over what a high interest checking account is, why you need one, why banking local is better for your money and the community, and further details about our high interest checking accounts.

What is a high interest checking account, and why do I need one?

A high interest, or high yield, checking account is just like a normal checking account featuring a debit card, check-writing features, online banking, unlimited transactions, and more. Like a regular checking account, high interest checking accounts are still used for everyday transactions, like grocery shopping, getting gas, going to the movies, and paying bills.

The only difference? “High interest” checking accounts pay you more to keep your money within the account.

While it’s smart, and in most cases preferred, to sign up for a high interest checking account in this day and age, the problem is, many people don’t want to take the time to switch over their already existing checking account to a different bank for what they perceive to be only a few extra dollars in return.

Cornerstone Bank has your back, Kansas City. We make it easy–and worth it–to switch your account to us so you can actually make money on your everyday funds.

Why bank local with Cornerstone Bank?

Focused on blown-out-of-the-water service.
Banking local at Cornerstone Bank means a guarantee of amazing customer service every time, and never leaving after your visit feeling upsold or pressured.

We understand life happens, and not always on a 9-to-5 basis. We care about our customers so much that every member of our team provides you with their direct line, cell phone number, and even home phone number. You’d never find that at a traditional bank.

Focused on maintaining excellent rates.
Because we operate all of our business out of a single location, our institution avoids many of the overhead costs associated with larger banks, which are traditionally passed on to their customers. And because of federal regulations, we are able to provide better rates on high interest checking accounts than larger chains!

Focused on you, by a reliable, trusted team.
We don’t lose clients. In the 17 years we’ve been around, many other local banks have either sold or closed! Cornerstone Bank believes a large part of our continued relationship with the Kansas City community is the amazing team we have on staff. Our lending staff even has an average time at the bank of 14 years!

We believe our customers come for the rates, but stay for our service and dedication to helping you win with your money. Not a lot of banks can say that with much confidence.

How to find the best local high interest checking account in Kansas City

When looking for the best local high interest checking account in Kansas City, be on the lookout for a few key pieces of information that could mean the difference of hundreds of dollars a year:

Annual Percentage Yield is the percentage rate at which your bank will pay you for the money you keep within your account on a yearly basis.

Minimum Deposit Amounts
Some banks require a minimum amount of money to start your account. You should ensure the local high interest checking account you choose fits with your current and future financial needs.

Other Stipulations
In some cases, in order to receive your interest payment for your high interest checking account, banks impose certain rules and stipulations on your banking activity. For example, many banks dictate what kind of statements you receive, how many times you must access your account monthly, and more in order to receive their best rates.

Once you’ve made the decision to switch, it’s time for your financial plan to begin!

Why Cornerstone Bank offers local high interest checking accounts in Kansas City

In Kansas City, it’s tempting to bank with a large institution. But with lower rates and cold, sales-focused officers, it becomes clear that the convenience of these banks is costing you in the long run. Haven’t gotten a call from your banker in over a year? We think you deserve more.

Cornerstone Bank is here to offer our community more than the bare minimum. People really matter to us, which is why we provide a local high interest checking account in Kansas City–so our customers are able to make more money for the savings they need, the things they love, and beyond.

Better interest rates to serve our Kansas City customers
Checking accounts at larger banks will pay you to keep your money in the account starting at just a .01% interest rate. To be honest, that’s really no better than storing your money in a piggy bank (with the only thing missing being FDIC insurance).

Because Cornerstone Bank in Kansas City is locally owned and operated, we are able to trim overhead costs to provide an interest rate of .5% to our customers–that’s over 8 times the national average!

No minimum balance
Some banks require a minimum deposit, or starting amount, of $1,000, $2,500, and to maintain that amount over the long term in order to receive your interest payment from the bank.

Cornerstone Bank, on the other hand, provides a competitive local high interest checking account in Kansas City with no minimum balance and a daily balance of just $500 to collect interest.

No barriers
We don’t like having our customers jump through hoops just to be responsible with their money. That’s why, unlike other banks, Cornerstone Bank does not require an egregious number of transactions per month or any other sign-up stipulation you may have heard from other banks. Simply make 10 out-of-bank transactions per month–something most people already accomplish with their debit card–and you’ll be well on your way to success.

Let’s get you paid

Cornerstone Bank will work diligently to transfer assets to your new high interest checking account. You begin accruing interest immediately–so don’t delay!

Own a business? Learn about Cornerstone Bank’s business credit line in Kansas City.

People like people. Period.

Cornerstone Bank is here to serve our community by providing local high interest checking accounts in Kansas City. We promise to uphold our values of human-based customer service, because frankly, people get things done in a way that automation simply can’t.

We will continue to provide high interest checking accounts with better interest rates and without barriers to your earning potential. After all, we aim to help YOU gain from OUR years of experience.

Ready to take the next step?

If you’re still on the fence, reach out to our team and schedule a one-on-one meeting. We’ll help you determine the best steps for you to take control of your assets and start making more. Your money will work smarter, not harder, at Cornerstone Bank in Kansas City.

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