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Security for every corner of your life


At Cornerstone Bank we provide the services you expect from a large national bank, but with the personal touch you can only get from a local partner. Our community trusts…

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How to Get a Small Business Loan in Overland Park


Here are some helpful tips on how to get a small business loan in Overland Park, from the small business champion—Cornerstone Bank. You can always use our online tool to…

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How Interest Rates Affect Mortgages


Federal Reserve interest rates affect multi family mortgages. Cornerstone Bank helps you understand how and why this happens.

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Multi Family Mortgage Loan Requirements in Kansas City


You’ve decided to invest in multi family property. Congratulations!  Multi family mortgage loan requirements in Kansas City depend on multiple factors. Let Cornerstone Bank help you find loan choices that can suit the property and your budget.

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What You Need to Know about Multi Family Loans in Kansas City


A multi family home is quite different from single-family housing. Cornerstone Bank can help you achieve your multi family loan, because we know there’s a win-win result for our community, and for you!

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4 Questions to Ask When Your Bank Merges


Consistency is one of the most important, stress-relieving factors in a healthy financial situation. Knowing where your money is, how much you have, and that your money and data remain…

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How to Keep Your Bank Data Secure During A Bank Merger


Bank mergers are complicated processes that require a lot of moving parts working in perfect harmony. If there’s even a tiny error during the merger, bank data security is immediately…

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How Long Can a Bank Hold Funds in Kansas City


No one enjoys waiting for a deposit to clear so they can spend their money. Sometimes it can be confusing why certain deposits may take longer than others to become…

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How to Avoid Phishing Bank Scams | Kansas City Bankers Explain


Nowadays, nothing is safe from scammers. The internet makes for a perfect hub for greedy people to discover ways to infiltrate your accounts. One of the most common? Phishing bank…

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