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Why is my check being held?

How Long Can a Bank Hold Funds in Kansas City

Finance / December 2, 2021

No one enjoys waiting for a deposit to clear so they can spend their money. Sometimes it can be confusing why certain deposits may take longer than others to become available for use. If you’ve wondered how long can a bank hold funds in Kansas City, Keep reading to learn how long a bank can hold funds in Kansas City and why this occurs.

Why isn’t my check immediately available?

Checks aren’t immediately available because they represent funds in a bank account and must be verified. This is done to facilitate transfer from the issuing bank account to your checking or savings account.

This hold is necessary to ensure safe banking for all parties involved. Allowing access to funds that haven’t been verified can lead to a cascade of problems. If funds are made available before being verified and the receiver uses these funds, it can create issues such as denial of service or overdraft fees due to the lack of real available funds.

Hold time for different funding sources

Most people understand the principles of why a bank would put a hold on funds. Where it gets confusing is the varying lengths of time deposits may take to become available. This isn’t random, though.

It is true that holds can vary between banks a bit. Where the funds are coming from plays a factor. If both accounts are with the same bank, funds are generally available sooner, as the bank can verify both ends of the transaction relatively fast.

Deposit holds typically range from 2-7 business days, depending on the reason for the hold. For deposits made on weekends, funds are deposited on Monday. Ask to see your bank’s funds availability policy to better understand the hold periods on check deposits. 

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