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How to Avoid Phishing Bank Scams

How to Avoid Phishing Bank Scams | Kansas City Bankers Explain

Banking / May 15, 2021

Nowadays, nothing is safe from scammers. The internet makes for a perfect hub for greedy people to discover ways to infiltrate your accounts. One of the most common? Phishing bank scams. 

Cornerstone Bank acts as more than just a financial institution; we are a resource to help our Kansas City clients protect themselves and their money from different types of bank fraud. 

How phishing bank scams work

Phishing bank scams use your email to get a hold of you. Scammers are smart, and they can easily find out which institutions you work with. From there, they create emails that appear to be from a bank you work with. 

For example, someone may pretend to be Cornerstone Bank and say something like: “Your account has been compromised. Please give your account information or you may lose your money.”

Phishing often brings a sense of urgency, leading people to believe if they don’t do what the email says, something bad could happen. However, in reality, your bank will never ask you to send personal information via email. 

Signs of a phishing email: 

  • Unusual greeting for the company it’s claiming
  • Grammatical errors throughout the email
  • Email address that does not match with the company
  • Sense of urgency or threats
  • Odd attachments 
  • Requesting personal information via email

How to protect yourself from phishing:

  • Call the institution/company right away to verify whether an email is from them.
  • Never give out personal information via email.
  • Don’t provide passwords or other security information.
  • Report and delete suspicious emails.

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Learn more about phishing bank scams with Cornerstone Bank 

More than anything, our bankers are here to help you with any of your financial needs. Since 2001, we have been a primary resource for our customers across the Kansas City metro and the country. We take pride in watching our customers thrive, no matter who you are. 

We always put our customers first, and that means giving them the best banking has to offer. We don’t believe in simple banking; rather, we go above and beyond to help our customers make their money work for them. 

For more information, visit our Overland Park office or give us a call at 913-239-8100 to let us know how we can help.