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Importance of Building a Relationship with your Loan Officer

Do Your Loan Officers Really Know You? Here’s Why They Should

Banking / November 15, 2020

Applying for a loan may cause stress and even a little fear, but fortunately, it doesn’t have to! Our team at Cornerstone Bank has found that our personal connection with each customer allows us to ease the loan application and approval process.

You may not have thought about it at first, but you shouldn’t ignore the importance of building a relationship with your loan officer. Keep reading to learn more. 

You become more than a number

When your loan officer values you as a person rather than a credit score number, you gain the added benefit of empathy. For example, one of the many benefits of banking locally is the ability to gauge loan acceptance on a person-by-person basis. Rather than simply looking at numbers, your lender can understand your unique circumstances. That means even if a large bank denies your loan, you may have another opportunity at a smaller bank like Cornerstone. 

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Expert advice helps you make the right decision

With a local bank, your loan officer won’t simply give you a loan and say, “Good luck.” When you have a strong relationship with your loan officer, he or she would want you to succeed. At Cornerstone, we are dedicated to helping you reach your financial and general life goals. Whether you are making huge home renovations or starting your first business, we have the tools necessary to guide you along the way. This may include how much money to borrow, which loan would be best, and tips on how to pay them off without stress. At the end of the day, we’re here for you! 

Business grows and prospers

Our commercial loan process goes beyond the norm. As a local business ourselves, Cornerstone understands what it takes to be successful and grow every year. Our loan officers’ relationships with business owners keeps the door open for long-term communication. Here, we become more than a lender—we are a business resource to help you make the most out of your loan. 

Learn more about the importance of building a relationship with your loan officer

More than anything, our bankers are here to help you with any of your financial needs. Since 2001, we have been a primary resource for our customers across the Kansas CIty metro and the country. We take pride in watching our customers thrive, no matter who you are. 

We always put our customers first, and that means giving them the best banking has to offer. We don’t believe in simple banking; rather, we go above and beyond to help our customers make their money work for them. 

For more information, visit our Overland Park office or give us a call at 913-239-8100 to let us know how we can help.