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Banking is personal. From opening your first account, buying your first home, sending your kids to college or saving for retirement – we have your best interest in mind. Cornerstone cares about your vision for the future, and we will provide you with the tools to help you get there.


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What we can do, for you.

Surround Yourself with Local Professionals

Cornerstone Bank does what’s best for our customers. That’s the value of a community bank – a small organization that knows their customers better.

The cornerstones of our service

Bank staff you trust

9+ years of helping clients

Our full-time employees have been with us for an average of 9 years and our officers have been with us an average of 13 years.

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Built from the ground up

Literally, from a basement

Most bankers are there because they climbed the ranks. Cornerstone was built from the basement up by our President, John Doull.

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Grow your investment

With higher interest rates

How you distribute your money is based on your return opportunities. Start benefiting from your deposit accounts again with higher interest rates at Cornerstone Bank.

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Call your banker any time

Even on the weekends

We know that problems arise at the most inopportune times. For this reason, all of our bankers provide you with their cell numbers.

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Not just an account number

We know you & your family

Cornerstone Bank serves you first. That’s the value of a community bank in Kansas City– a small organization that knows their customers better.

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Online & mobile banking

With Cornerstone Bank’s personal online banking you can bank anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Of course, you’re welcome to drop by our convenient Overland Park location anytime.

Mobile banking made easy

Making it easy for our customers to quickly access what they need is a cornerstone of our service.

Banking at your fingertips

Our Touch ID login feature makes it easy to access your account with the touch of a finger

Instant Balance

Use the “instant balance” feature to your balance without having to log in

Track transactions and balances

Manage your checking, savings and credit card accounts from the app

Customize your security settings by card

Tailor your security settings by blocking transactions, setting limits, and receiving alerts

Make payments and transfers

Transfer money between your accounts, and make payment on your credit accounts

Deposit your checks without a trip to the bank

Simply enter the amount, take a photo of your check, and select your desired account

Account options

One Bank, Every Service.

You need one bank for a wide range of needs, and you want to do it on your own schedule. Cornerstone Bank offers a variety of personal checking and savings accounts.

Personal Checking

​Not all personal checking accounts are alike. Cornerstone Bank has a variety of checking account options so you can choose the one that fits your lifestyle. It’s important to pick the right bank for your money, but also the right checking account.

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Personal Savings

Saving money isn’t always easy. Cornerstone Bank offers a variety of savings accounts designed to help you meet your long-term goals like college or retirement, and short-term ones like holiday shopping or that special something you’ve had your eye on.

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& More

Cornerstone Bank is there for you whether you are purchasing a car or updating your home.

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We’re not the typical bank on every corner.
We’re your Cornerstone Bank.

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