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Serving Others First: Matt Brown Exemplifies Cornerstone’s Mission


After their third date, Commercial Loan Officer Matt Brown knew that it was meant to be. He met Angelika Skulavik at a church camp several years ago, but when he asked her out on an official date a few months ago, “We really hit it off. We both knew it was meant to be after about the third date.”

Matt set about asking Angelika’s father for his daughter’s hand in marriage. After planning an evening out with both sets of parents on the Plaza, Matt took Mr. Skulavik off to the side where he asked for and received Mr. Skulavik’s blessing. With his grandmother’s ring in hand, he proposed to Angelika at Buca di Beppo. The evening was a surprise for Angelika and both mothers (the fathers were in on it).

Before he found love with his fiancé, Matt fell in love with the military and service to his country. Matt joined the Missouri National Guard in June 2011 as Executive Officer (XO) and second in command of a transportation company.

“I love the mission of the Guard because we get to respond to local disasters and provide logistical support overseas when needed,” Matt said. Matt is responsible for the operations section of the company and assists the commander in coordinating, supervising and controlling company mission operations. He also steps in when the commander is not available.

Matt and Angelika are making the most of their time together before he heads off to the Middle East early next year. And while marrying into the military is difficult for many women, Angelika is not only supportive of and excited for Matt, she’s a little envious too.

“Angelika was also thinking of joining the military next year and becoming a medical officer,” Matt said. “However, we are thinking about having kids, so she may put her plans for the military on hold at this time.”

Angelika, a dental hygienist, will pursue another degree in nursing and a career in that field while Matt is overseas.

Cornerstone Bank will no doubt feel the void left by Matt during his tour. But Matt’s co-workers and the entire staff are proud of his service and supportive of him as he embarks on the two upcoming chapters in his life.

“My co-workers and team have been very supportive of me and excited about the wedding. They have expressed their concerns over the deployment, but several have stated that they will keep me in their thoughts and prayers while I am gone,” Matt said. “I am honored to work with such a great team who recognizes the importance of me supporting a different team overseas.”

Matt and Angelika tied the knot on Saturday, November 5th at Atherton Restoration Branch in Independence, where Matt is also a Lay Minister. Matt has been with Cornerstone Bank since July 2015 and will be deployed in February for at least nine months.