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Personal Checking Accounts in Sync with Your Lifestyle

Not all personal checking accounts are alike. Cornerstone Bank has a variety of checking account options so you can choose the one that fits your lifestyle. It’s important to pick the right bank for your money, but also the right checking account.

Whichever type of account you choose, you’ll get personal service and support, as well as:

  • Online Banking & Bill Pay
  • Refunds on Out-of-Network ATM Fees*
  • Free ATM/Debit Cards

*Up to $8 per statement cycle

Yes, you read that right. Cornerstone Bank refunds the ATM fees out-of-network banks might charge you for using their ATM. They might think those fees are fair, but we don’t. It’s your money. Why pay extra to access it?

We Love Technology and People

Cornerstone Bank uses the most secure and latest banking technology to protect your accounts, personal information and give you convenient online services. Our phone system on the other hand is a different story. There are some things technology can’t do, like say hello and ask how we can help you today. When you call Cornerstone Bank, an associate will answer, not an automated system.

Personal Checking Account

  • $100 Opening Deposit
  • No Minimum Balance
  • No Monthly Service Fee
  • Unlimited Check Writing Privileges
  • ATM/Debit Card
  • Online Banking

Health Savings Account

  • $100 Opening Deposit
  • Unlimited Check Writing Privileges
  • Interest Bearing Account*
  • Debit Card
  • Online Banking & Bill Pay
*This account is a variable rate account and, as such, the interest rate and annual percentage yields are subject to change at any time. Interest accrues daily and is credited monthly. This account requires a $1,000.00 minimum daily balance to avoid a $2.00 monthly service charge.

Money Market

The Money Market Account is an account that earns a higher interest rate based on a 5-tiered system.

  • $100 Opening Deposit
  • $1,000 Minimum Balance Avoids $10 Monthly Service Fee
  • Interest Bearing Account Accrues Interest Daily & Compounds Monthly
  • ATM/Debit Card
  • Online Banking & Bill Pay

Transfers from a Money Market account to another account or third parties by preauthorized, automatic or telephone transfer are limited to six per statement cycle.

Personal - NOW Checking Account

  • $100 Opening Deposit
  • $500 Minimum Daily Balance or $2,500 Average Available Daily Balance Will Avoid a $5 Monthly Service Charge
  • Unlimited Check Writing
  • Interest Bearing Account Accrues Interest Daily and Compounds Monthly
  • Requires 10 or More Debit and/or Credit Transactions per Statement Cycle to Earn Disclosed APY*
  • 10 or Fewer Transactions Earns Applicable Personal Money Market Tier APY*
  • ATM/Debit Card
  • Online Banking & Bill Pay

* APY – Annual Percentage Yield

Lost or Stolen Debit Card?

During business hours call 913-239-8100
After business hours call 1-800-554-8969