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You Can Bank Anywhere, Anytime, Anyplace

With Cornerstone Bank’s online banking and online bill pay you can bank anywhere, anytime, anyplace and of course you’re welcome to drop by our convenient Overland Park location anytime. We’re always here to serve you!

Cornerstone Online

  • Up-to-the minute updates on balances and transactions
  • Schedule one-time or recurring transfers
  • View/download up to 12 months of statements
  • View and download check images for the current and previous month
  • Send secure messages to your bank

Online & Mobile Bill Pay

  • Pay bills online from multiple accounts
  • Schedule one-time and recurring payments
  • Make overnight bill payments
  • View reports
  • Receive E-bills as well as email alerts for bill arrivals, due dates and upcoming payments

Mobile Deposits

Deposits checks from your kitchen, local coffee shop, office, etc. With Cornerstone Bank’s mobile deposit service, just snap a picture of your check and deposit it into your account. Mobile deposits are convenient and secure.


How to Enroll in Mobile Banking (app only available for personal accounts)

  1. Log on to your Cornerstone Bank Account.
  2. Click on User Options.
  3. Scroll down to Mobile Banking Profile.
  4. Complete the information requested.
  5. Download Touch Banking App from the App Store on your iPhone or from the Play Store on Android Phones.

Learn about online banking options for your business banking account


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the minimum system requirements to have on my phone for Premier Mobile Banking to work?
A. Your phone must be web enabled, have WAP 2.0 or Windows Mobile technology enabled, and use a true html browser. You can discuss this with your cell phone provider to see if your phone meets these requirements.

Q. What is Premier Mobile Banking?
A. Premier Mobile Banking is a web-based application that operates on the browser embedded in most handheld devices, providing customers with a mobile channel for completing account transactions.

Q. What type of things can I do on Premier Mobile Banking?
A. You can perform a variety of banking tasks, including checking account balances, viewing recent transactions, and transferring funds between internal bank accounts – all in real time.

Q. Does is matter what carrier I have for my phone service?
A. Mobile banking works with most major carriers.

Q. Do I have to have access to the Internet on my phone?
A. Yes, you must acquire internet service through your cell phone provider for Premier Mobile Banking to work on your phone.

Q. Do all types of phones work for Mobile Banking, as long as I have WAP 2.0 or Windows Mobile enable and use an html browser?
A. While most phones do work for Mobile Banking, it is possible that certain phone specific settings will inhibit your use of Mobile Banking. It is recommended that you contact your phone provider if you cannot access Mobile Banking to discuss possible reasons for this.

Q. Is Premier Mobile Banking secure?
A. Premier Mobile Banking ensures comprehensive security for sensitive account data and transaction posting. Premier Mobile Banking is integrated with Premier eCom Internet Banking, allowing for seamless, secure enrollment as well as online functionality to view and/or perform a variety of banking tasks.

Q. Can I transfer money outside the bank?
A. No. Transferring money can be done internally within the bank to accounts for which you are authorized.

Q. Is it possible to lockout my account?
A. The lockout procedures will follow the same procedures as defined in the bank specifications. However, if you do lockout your Mobile Banking access, you will also lockout your Internet Banking and Telephone Banking access if applicable.

Q. Does viewed information stay on the phone after the session is completed?
A. There is an option to select whether browser navigation buttons within the mobile device’s internet devices window can be used (i.e. back button). Enabling browser buttons, such as the “back button” may enable customer information to be viewed by unauthorized users if a Mobile Banking session is not closed by the customer. This may pose a security issue, especially for customers sharing their cell phone. It is recommended that browser buttons be disabled whenever possible to protect customer information from potentially being viewed by unauthorized users.

Q. Can I run antivirus/malaria protection on my phone?
A. This should be used at your discretion. However, we cannot enforce running antivirus/malaria. This would follow the same guidelines as PremiereCom or PremierCorp.

Q. Why is the text so small?
A. The text is going to be smaller because it is on a smaller screen. Some phones may be set with a display setting that will make it smaller. You may need to speak with your cell phone provider to get this readjusted.

Add a Bookmark

How to Add a Bookmark to Your Mobile Phone for Mobile Banking

For those customers who only receive text messaging on their phone, but have Internet access, enter your 10 digit phone number before the @ symbol; after the @ symbol provide the domain name of the cell phone provider. Here is a list of carriers:

Carrier Domain
US Cellular

Each time you access this bookmark, you will choose “One Time Password”. You will receive a text message with the link to Mobile Banking. You will enter your Access ID and Pin at this time.