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mortgages as provided by Cornerstone Bank are represented as a small scale model home.

Build a Mortgage as Carefully as You Choose Your Home

When Cornerstone Bank handles your home mortgage, we don’t try to predict your long-range goals. We ask. We listen. Then we tailor a mortgage just for your situation that will make those goals possible – now and down the road.

There’s a difference between getting your 15, 20 or 30 year mortgage from your community bank and getting one from a faceless online mortgage site. Cornerstone Bank will still be here 15, 20 or 30 years from now. Many mortgage companies and online mortgage sites can’t say the same thing.

Purchasing a home is one of your most important investments, personally and financially. Why trust your home mortgage to anyone but a banker who understands you, your family and your finances?

No Cookie Cutter Mortgages Here

You may not think of using imagination when it comes to home mortgages. But we do. Our home loan officers see your mortgage as a combination of the here and now with what you’re planning for your future. With our one-of-a-kind approach to home loans, you are able to build your mortgage as carefully as you choose your new home.

You’d Never Limit Your Dreams. So Why Let Your Mortgage?

Cornerstone Bank offers the widest variety of home loans ranging from one to thirty years for both conforming and jumbo amounts.

  • Pre-approvals
  • Fixed Rate Mortgages
  • ARMs (Adjustable Rate Mortgages)
  • First Time Homebuyer Loans
  • Purchases / Refinances
  • HARP Conventional Refinancing
  • FHA Loans (Federal Housing Administration)
  • VA Loans
  • USDA Loans
  • Consumer Construction Loans
  • Home Equity Loans

Competitive Rates & Unbeatable Service

Of course our interest rates are competitive. When you’re shopping for a mortgage, that’s important. But it’s hard to keep an eye on quickly changing rates, that’s why we do it for you. We are always looking out for your best “interest.” It’s just the beginning of Cornerstone Bank’s unbeatable service.

Talk to Us about Crafting the Perfect Mortgage to Fit Your Home and Lifestyle

Ask for Michelle Guthrie or Chuck Whittaker by name. They can answer all of your questions about home mortgages and start the pre-qualification or lending process.

“The mortgage team is great to work with! They make the process simple and easy to understand with no hidden fees or unexpected surprises before the actual closing. They are proactive in every transaction and they do a great job of putting the customer first. When you combine keeping things simple and handling every transaction with the highest of ethics, it is easy to recommend Cornerstone Bank to any family or individual. Consider me a fan of what they do and how they do it!”
-Kent Welch