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Cutting Edge Technology Protects Customers and Lowers Fraud Risk

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At Cornerstone Bank, we are always looking for new and improved ways to better serve our customers and protect your hard-earned money. That’s why we’re excited about our new products and initiatives.

EMV Chip Debit Cards

We’ve all heard the buzz about the new chip card, and many are confused as to why there is a change. It’s simple. A chip debit card provides more security and protection for our customers. Chip cards include a small microchip in the credit card that protects buyers against fraudulent transactions. While many banks and financial institutions have chosen to offer their customers chip cards in waves (saving the institution money), Cornerstone decided to send all of our customers new chip cards all at once (eliminating angst over who will receive them and when).

The new cards were sent in June.

Card Valet App

Want even more protection and control over your money? We have an app for that.

Our new Card Valet app is an easy-to-use download that not only helps you keep better track of your transactions, but also provides even more protection against fraud and theft.

The innovative app delivers so many benefits to our customers:

  • On/Off switch – when card is not in use, turn it off via the app at any time, so if stolen, it cannot be used
  • Location device – the card cannot be used if it is farther than five miles from your phone
  • Transaction updates – not only can you access your current balance at any time, but you will also know how much you spent each month and can receive a daily email on the previous day’s transactions. Customers must opt-in for this service
  • Low balance alert – in the effort to minimize overdrafts, the app will send you a notification if and when funds are low
  • Merchant selection – perfect for families with college-aged kids, you can make cards merchant-specific, so if you want your child to use a card for gas purposes only, the app covers that

Email Alerts

A daily email can be sent directly to your inbox to notify you of changes in your account:

  • The previous day’s transactions
  • Anytime the balance changes
  • When a check written clears the account

Please contact the bank to sign up for these services. Remember: These products only work effectively with your current contact information. Call us today at 913-239-8100 to update or confirm your information.

Free RFID-Blocking Sleeves

We are proud to give all of our debit card customers a free RFID-Blocking credit card sleeve. These special sleeves are designed to prevent thieves from being able to remotely scan the digital information stored on your credit and bank cards. Stop by and pick one up.

We continually work hard to be a leader in technology and services that protect and benefit our customers and employees. Serving you first is our priority!