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Community Bank near me in Overland Park

Your Community Bank Near You in Overland Park

Banking / July 20, 2022

In Overland Park, locating your community bank is easy. Just find Cornerstone Bank, which has served our city and the surrounding communities in the Kansas City metro for over 20 years.

However, you should always vet any bank that claims to be a “community bank.” That way you ensure they’re doing what community banks should do to earn your business and the name “community bank.” Contact us if you have questions, and read on for tips on ensuring your community bank is community-based.

What makes a community bank different?

From corporate banks to regional banks to community banks, each institution operates differently depending on their focus. 

If you ask the FDIC*, this is what makes a community bank unique: 

  • Less than $10 billion in consolidated assets
  • Traditional banking services at a local level
  • Acceptance of deposits locally
  • A larger provision of local business loans

This criteria allows Cornerstone Bank to proudly call itself a “community bank.” 

Your relationship with the community bank near you 

Most community banks work very hard to create a real, trustworthy relationship with their customers.  Those relationships matter. It’s why you feel truly welcome when a teller recognizes you and greets you by name. Or when the banking staff asks you about that birthday party, or the school concert, or your 50th anniversary trip.  They get to know you.

But what also matters about that relationship, are results. A community bank should care deeply about people and their goals, from personal to small business. The bank must strive to deliver outstanding results through this  spirit of partnership and collaboration.

Questions to ask the community bank near you

In Overland Park or wherever you live, vet your community bank by asking some of these “are you the real deal?” questions. 

  • Is this bank locally owned and operated? We believe the best community banks are.
  • What kind of personal service can I expect? Banks that work to have as little human contact as possible are usually not community banks.
  • What are the fees? You’ll need to see the fees and compare them to other banks. A community bank usually has small fees (if any!) and lower interest rates.*
  • What are the bank’s assets? The FDIC classification cut-off is $10 billion. Most community banks have $1billion or less in assets. 
  • What are your branch locations? Generally a community bank keeps branches, if they have more than one, in their region. 

The community bank near you: Cornerstone Bank in Overland Park

It may be one of a few community banks in Overland Park, but that doesn’t mean Cornerstone Bank doesn’t work hard to be the best bank in the community! The team at Cornerstone Bank strives to help small business owners, homeowners, neighbors, friends and family live their dreams every day.

Contact us for one-on-one personal attention, apply online for an account or use our online tool to discover which loan could fit your needs. Neighbors, friends, bankers: Cornerstone Bank. Become part of the community today.