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Best bank customer service in Kansas City

What does customer service look like in banking?

Banking / February 27, 2019

How much does customer service mean to you? Not many of us think about good or bad customer service until it really matters, or when something goes wrong.

Cornerstone Bank strives to provide the best bank customer service in Kansas City. We believe people matter and reflect that in everything we do.

From offering high interest checking accounts to providing additional services to keep your money safe and accessible while traveling, Cornerstone Bank has you covered—in good times and bad.

Why customer service in banking matters

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Banking Culture versus Lip Service.

Saying one thing and doing another isn’t our style. Cornerstone Bank tells our customers like it is, because we want you to feel well informed about your money. If we make a mistake, we don’t give our customers the run around. We admit the mistake and do everything we can to make it right. Our customers trust our expertise and have come to expect “above and beyond” honesty and integrity.

One Branch. Endless Possibilities.

Have you ever considered banking somewhere with only one branch? While some may consider this a limiting feature compared to big banks with a branch on every corner, Cornerstone Bank’s customers see this as an advantage. This is because with less overhead costs in management and logistics, we are able to provide excellent customer service in banking to our Kansas City neighbors.

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No call centers. Ever.

When you call Cornerstone Bank, whether you have a question about your business credit line or need assistance during a fraud incident, you don’t get rerouted to a national call center. Some banks with a national presence don’t even list their branches’ phone numbers online! This means talking to people (or robots) who don’t know you, your financial situation, or your account information.

At Cornerstone Bank, we have real people on the end of our phone who are intimately aware of our customers’ needs.

Dedication to you, not your account.

While most banks only care about their customers from 9-5, Cornerstone Bank is here for you round the clock to ensure you have what you need—because we understand that life doesn’t always happen from 9 to 5. We have your back even on evenings and weekends. That’s why we give our customers our personal cell phone numbers. You won’t find that at the bank down the street.

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Years of experience.

Is it crazy for us to care this much? Maybe. But it’s all we know. The average length of a career at Cornerstone Bank is 11 years. Many of our original employees from 18 years ago are still with us! You don’t find that at just any bank. It’s because we build relationships with our customers and their families.

Reach out today.

Get started on your local banking experience today and see for yourself how Cornerstone Bank provides the best bank customer service in Kansas City.

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