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Local Banks in Kansas City

Are All Local Banks the Same?

Banking / November 21, 2019

We get this question a lot. The quick answer? No, all local banks in Kansas City are not the same. 

Local banks can be a great asset to your financial health, but only if you choose the right bank. At Cornerstone Bank, we believe in doing banking the only way we know how — by putting our customers first. 

We’ve been in the banking business since 2001, so we know what makes local banks different from one another, including what makes a bank great and what makes a bank not so great. Based on our expert knowledge, here are a few things that differentiate local banks in Kansas City. 


Not all banks are as credible as you think they are. They could have sketchy intentions or hide things from customers behind the scenes. This can include hidden fees, unnecessarily high interest rates, or a lack of communication.

A big sign that a local bank is credible is their membership in the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Most people think that you can only have $250,000 worth of FDIC coverage but that is not always the case, contact our New Account Specialist to learn how to get the coverage you need. Steer clear of banks that don’t have this necessary backbone. 

Customer service

Unfortunately, not all local banks in Kansas City make customer service a priority. As a result, customers are treated more like an account number than someone their bank values. You don’t want to bank anywhere where your needs aren’t met or where you’ll leave frustrated and upset. Cornerstone Bank depends on excellent customer service to provide the best banking experience in the Kansas City metro area. 

Banking services

Different local banks in Kansas City offer different services that may or may not fit your needs best. Some may focus solely on business customers, while others focus only on personal banking. Others don’t have the capability to loan out money, which could be a deterring factor to many local business owners. 

Cornerstone Bank has a variety of services for both personal and business customers. We offer checking and savings accounts, loan options and credit lines, and even online banking for instant service. 

Local banking done right

When you bank with Cornerstone Bank, you’ll know that you’re getting the best banking support available. With everything we do, we stand above other local banks in Kansas City. Our expert team of bankers are always available to help, so stop by our Overland Park office to give us a visit! 

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