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We’re Not the Bank on Every Corner. We’re Your Cornerstone Bank.

Where you are isn’t as important as who you are. We are the Kansas City area bank that you’ve come to know and trust for your home and business banking needs. From simple checking and savings accounts to highly competitive mortgage rates and the best banking tools for business – Cornerstone Bank has helped the Kansas City area grow since 2001.

While others talk about loans, we talk about helping you find the perfect mortgage, sending your kids to college and saving for retirement. Behind the scenes we look like a big, technology driven bank.  Across the desk, we look like your neighbor.

There Aren’t Any Cookies in Our Lobby

Cookies are nice. But what is even better? Being called by your first name. Being asked how your child’s recital or game went. How your parents are doing. Those are what really make a difference in our community. We know you can bank anywhere, which is why we show our appreciation for your business with trusted relationships.

Remaining True to Our Kansas City Area Roots

Cornerstone Bank was founded in our president, John Doull’s basement by 55 diverse investors who own local businesses. This group knows the ins and outs of raising families and doing business in the Kansas City area. Today, we remain locally owned, and we’ll always remain rooted here in Overland Park.

Not only will our associates call you by name, but you’ll learn theirs too. A bank like ours attracts dedicated people who often spend their entire careers with us. They are not here to sell you anything, so they don’t receive bonuses or do sales programs. Their job is to give you the banking services that you need – even if that means giving you their personal cell phone number.

“Serving You First” Isn’t Just Our Mission Statement

"Serving You First" is not just our mission statement but also our promise to you. We realize that our valued customers have many banking options and we must earn their business each and every day. We take pride in doing so. We see serving our customers as the most important part of our day.


Need a Kansas City bank? Call the bank that serves you first.